A Temporary Backseat

It’s a sad reality of life that almost anything you can think of requires a scapegoat to

‘ boldly go where no man has gone before’

(in the words of the opening promo about the good ship

Enterprise and the Star Trek journey)

And so it has developed, as I pursued the formatting of the first of my farm memoirs into a form ready for an eBook,  that I  realised the potential for untold errors,  far too many oversights, and a whole heap of  ‘if only’ and ‘next time’ statements that I will groan and gnash my teeth over (lucky they’re still my own – sparse maybe, but MINE!).

I really don’t want the first of my farm memoirs to have to travel down this lonesome road – and maybe put off any readers on my first effort.  How much wiser to use something else I’ve written first.

So with this dreary thought in mind, and not wishing to be negative – I utilised my usual way of dealing with problems –  look at the worst scenario, figure how I’m going to possibly cope with it, and then put it to bed way back on the top shelf of my grey matter.  I did all of this following the realisation and grim acceptance that the worst choice yet was imminent.

One of my precious creations (my babies/fledglings/innocents) would have to go first and be the guinea pig, the test subject, the victim –  (shudder) – the sacrificial lamb.  Aargh x 10!

Words Fail Me . . . can you believe it?

I’m working on it – truly I am.  But it’s so incredibly painful.  I had already been trying to put some of my ‘wannabe out there being read’ children’s stories into some semblance of suitability for grouping or stand alone/series/age/length – seriously, it goes on forever.

But to pluck one of these babies out of the ‘nest’?  I look and I dither, and I edit some, and I re-shuffle a heap.  And I’m a wordsmith, not a visual artist, and so illustrations will depend on the cute clipart I had already researched and added to some of my kiddy stuff – or finding and hiring an illustrator.  Don’t think my budget is ready for this (“what budget?” a voice deep inside me screams. “Isn’t that a  rich and famous type problem?”)

The good news is that in my digging and delving into my personal kiddy story archives, I found a heap of little poems, ditties, etc. I have made over the years for our grand-daughter.  Some are her creations  (with a little help from her Gran), and there are other delights that have developed from the multitude of photos I took of her whenever she was visiting our farm. Well-ll-ll, I find much ‘grist for the mill’ here . . . a most worthy, wiggly can of worms opened.  Even thinking about the possibility of an eBook made up totally of a collection of hers and mine.  Sounds a little self-indulgent, but it’s an awfully cute collection – maybe with appeal to other children around that age.

The bad news it that I’m sitting here writing all of this, and however I try to call it another creative pursuit – it really boils down to a bad case of procrastination.  I find there’s quite a bit of that going around (me) at present.  Hmm-mm-m.

Moodling . . . I’m Always Moodling









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