First Baby Lemming Plunges Over Physical Cliff

. . . and reliable sources report the Lemming was pushed!

Ohh-hh-h cdcraftee, what have you done?

“Well-ll-ll,”  Christine was quoted as saying, “. . . actually, I’ve published my first Kindle eBook on Amazon.  It’s true.  This book is the first to go where none of my words have been before.   My poor baby Lemming . . .”

Christine was speechless, teary and sniffly at this moment, and quite unable to continue.  A commercial break was obviously required, so here’s the link to the sales site for her story called –

Small Folk Rhymes

and here’s the photo on the front cover –

Let’s hear the rest direct from the old mare’s mouth.

Hh-hh-hm!  Well . . . I’m not a poet (or even a poet’s armpit), however I believe these rhymes are entertaining and the photos and clip art quite quirky and apt.

This collection is one of a series I plan under the banner Small Folk Tales.  I’m presently working on one I’ll be calling Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales (the individual stories of my family pictured above, plus a couple more) – and another with rhymes and short-short stories, maybe called Not So Small Folk Tales.

It also happens that I have written a few small stories and rhymes for (and with) our special grand-daughter, and I’m toying with the idea of an eBook of her writings interspersed with mine.  I have some wonderful photos of her doing all manner of things here on our farm.

Tucked away in the archives of my computer there’s another collection of rhymes for a different age and interest group.  It’s called The Gross Gang and it grew from my love for extremely old-fashioned words with a decided giggle factor.  Honestly, doesn’t the word slubberdegullion just roll around on your tongue and force your lips to really move?  And don’t tell me I’m the only one to smile broadly after saying it a few times, just imagining this . . . thing.  Wait until you see the clipart pic I found to go with this particular one.  The name and the depiction SO belong to each other.  I definitely must fetch that collection out, dust it off, and if I find some readers like it – maybe another series will be born – or not?

It’s a lengthy and hard-working process, this creative writing curve – from moodling; through the blood, sweat and tears of conceptualising; constantly searching for that word that’s just better somehow; endlessly editing; and finally shuffling through countless clipart images and precious photos to find the perfect match – and then editing and enhancing them, as well.

Despite this, as you can see, I’m on a roll and loving every triumphant moment that comes along with this heady whiff of success.  (Does this make me a high roller now?)

You know I’m a granny, and the major message here is what one happy reader told me, that I’m the living proof that you ‘should never ever give up’.

Why not take up the challenge and run with it in your own life?

Just do it!




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