The Kids are Revolting

It's the same old Knitty Gritty Kids from the cover of the first book - back as individuals this time.

It’s the same old Knitty Gritty Kids from the cover of the first book – back as individuals this time.

Once upon a time I wrote a Squidoo lens called the Soft Toy Shuffle, about the Knitty Gritty Kids who will appear individually in my next eBook, to be called ‘Small Knitty-Gritty Folk Tales’. This was in direct response to a Call to Action that my restless troops insisted on, and offering me nothing but the most revolting alternatives.

I told them at the time it was just for a while, and more detailed action would follow in the fullness of time, but they have become increasingly restless with the enforced ‘downtime’ and waiting, and so the aforementioned ‘while’ will now have to be dealt with pretty smartly… or who knows what could happen?  I foresee some revolting behaviour, to say the least.

I have to admit, I have my doubts about the wisdom of their story being second in the series Small Folk Tales.  It all seemed innocent enough, in my moodling phase.  Their stories were but embryos then… small, innocent and truly just the ‘bare bones’ of their full potential.

What I didn’t count on was how much of my true and most honest writer’s voice would not just sneak in, but actually take over as I waxed lyrical about my beloved kids.  What can I say about a Mother’s love?  In a word – besotted!  It was all very well in the actual first draft writing – and in many subsequent edits, I was still comfortable with telling their stories in the best way I knew how.

It’s just right now that I’m getting a little wobbly and doubting myself.  Now that I actually have the final draft on Amazon’s imminent publishing list, just one button away from publication.  Now, as I get to look at a preview and try to see it through my readers’ eyes.  And here’s where the nerves start hopping.

This story could possibly be construed as too old for the small folks it was intended for.  It’s in my favourite ‘tongue-in-cheek’ writing style – not what small folk are used to, or even looking for.  I think the adult ‘out loud’ readers will love the stories and be capable of appreciation and ‘translating’?  And I think small new listeners will love the pics and get much pleasure out of the word pictures I’ve created.

And then again, I think… is anyone ever too young to appreciate love and loyalty and the concept of never giving up on the most important things in Life?  And isn’t that why I rescue my special kids and want to share their stories?  I always think I can only care for my own small corner of our world, but how wonderful if my words could affect just a few other small corners, too.  If only.


PS:  And the other important thing I think is… how would I possibly tell the Knitty Gritty Kids they were going to have to wait another ‘while’ longer and come third in the series?   Oh no… that’s most definitely destined for the too hard basket. I know my treasures, and I promise you, my kids would be revolting – big time!

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