Aww… please read me a story

Are you a doting grandparent?

A proud and loving parent of a small child?

Maybe just a special someone who loves reading stories to children? Many well-informed professionals have recognised and reported that children who are read to 5-6 days per week from an early age, will be 12 months ahead in their own reading ability than those poor little souls not read to at all – and numeracy skills are greatly enhanced as well.

Because of my love for creating children’s stories, I have recently published the fifth e-book in my series – ‘Small Folk Tales’, and this newest one is specifically a celebration of grandparents and their grandies – a collection and collaboration of stories, poems and pictures by my grand-daughter and I through her early years.

From now until 10th June (or until 5pm 11th June, South Australian time),‘The Grandest Small Folk Tales’ is free to download from Amazon.  After that moment, the e-book returns to its modest price of $1.99… a steal in anyone’s language.

I hope those of you who take advantage of the download will also leave a review on the Amazon sales site for my book above – good, bad or ugly, it’s important for me to know how my readers feel about my books.

If you think reviews are ONLY for professional reviewers to do, read this – How to Write an Amazon Review . Susanna Duffy gives you full information on how to do it (and it’s a minor detail that Susanna has chosen to use my view of the review concept as well as those of other successful  authors).

“… this is my mostest favourite book ever” one small girl told her grandfather about an earlier e-book in this series – ‘Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales‘.  Can you imagine how much these words mean to me? This is pure gold… the reason I write these books. Of course, I will always love or hate ‘professional’ reviews and learn much from them – but the words of a child are the most special to me.

And a last reminder – don’t worry if you don’t have an e-book reader – you can join Amazon for free, and download a free app to enable reading of a Kindle e-book on your own computer. It’s really simple to do, just follow Amazon’s instructions and enjoy!

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