There’s a Blaze of Glory…

and then there’s a Daze of Happiness!


A few days ago I submitted the fifth e-book in my ‘Small Folk Tales’ series to a book promotional site called ‘askDavid’, and today I have received an email telling me it is being actively promoted already.
I am SO happy with the whole appearance and coverage, and tremendously proud to see it like this.
I am dancing the happiest dance in my heart and soul, and keep on being drawn back to it to look again. And David offered to cover all my bases on the same promo page, with links to all my relevant places… and he has, plus adding another book (as it happens, the first in my series.

In typical Downunder fashion I’m doing things all upside down – maybe the blood rushed to my head down here?) I hope David and my readers will sort it all out and blame it on a bout of over-enthusiasm and excitement.
In the mean time, click on this and feast your eyes. I am – look…

The Grandest Small Folk Tales 

Please keep watching this spot as I add the other books in my series… and maybe a few more surprises to come.

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