Front Covers get Facelift!

Our Mum Christine has created new front covers for each of the books in the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series, and we think they’re rather gorgeous, much like us.  This is just a small sneak preview of all of them and Mum says she is going to add each one in full living colour and large size to each of the books listed under the Books heading above. Mum says this may take her just a little bit of fussing about and tweaking and the like. That’s OK, they are well worth waiting for.

Look… what do you think?

Small Folk Rhymes cover 2.150x200Small KG cover 2.150x200Ted Bear cover 2.150x200Almost.. Cover 2 150x200The Grandest... cover 2.150x200Tall Tales... cover 2.150x200

Each image is clickable and will take you right to the special page for each book. Our Mum tries to think of everything!

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