Small Folk Rhymes – How about a small excerpt for free?

There are actually a lot of things in this Life that are free – and here is one of them –

just a few ‘teasers’ from the first book in my children’s e-book series, ‘Small Folk Tales’


C' my friend

How about a ‘BOK-BOK’  chook?

I lay eggs for you to cook.

Smooth feathers have I, and the beadiest eye.

My quick beak can catch a fly flying by!

What a clucky, pecky bird is a chook!


Wait a minute – where’s a duck?

Here I am – to say ‘WUK, WUK’

A waddler on land, on water I sail,

Clean up your garden of worm, slug & snail.

What a handy, dandy bird is a duck!

(and there are many more friends to meet)


and then there’s –


giant carrot

When the hunger pangs claw

At your tummy – for coleslaw?

Carrot matchsticks for your lunch pack,

Or a celery after-school snack?

And carrot salad – Mum makes a treat,

When she jellies grated carrot – so orange, so sweet… more


Tempted yet? One more, you ask?  OK –


I looked in my garden,

and what did I see?

A whole herd of elephants!

Well, I’ll be . . . .!

elly trunk

Their grey trunks blended perfectly

amongst the tall tree trunks,

How lucky that pink elephants

are only seen by drunks.

grey + pink

One elly tried a soursob,

and found it much too sour,

She sucked up half my rainwater tank,

washing it down, and having a shower!


Now if you want more, you’ll just have to buy the e-book.

I’ll tell you once again, because old girls repeat themselves often, so it’s OK

Small Folk Rhymes (Book 1 ‘Small Folk Tales’ series)


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