News Flash of this Day!

Another book has joined my list of children’s e-books on Amazon, this morning.

It will probably take a week or so before it’s up there on my Amazon Author page, but it could have its own sales page within days. THEN I’ll make the big announcement (well… it’s BIG to me – and that’s the main thing).

This wonderful celebration of old-fashioned words that are rarely seen these days, let alone used, is designed to stretch small minds and their tongues too, as they vocally play with the unknown and often quite bizarre. It can be a marvellous learning curve in an individually ‘fun’ way.

The book’s name is –


and there are many colourful characters tucked in behind its equally bright and appealing front cover. No point to share their names until you have the ‘translations’ and pronunciations.  Yes, I have gone to great lengths to find all of these, knowing that many people will never have heard of these words.

There maybe some folk who remember having read or heard or even used some of these words, but I think the vast majority of readers (especially the younger variety) will discover a treasure trove of antiquated ‘gems’.

Get ready to be entertained, educated, and for those who remember – to have your grey matter stirred in an amusing and creative fashion.

Sorry, no links or pics just yet… have to wait until publication on Amazon.

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