They’re a 5* Gang now.

Squeaking Squawking Smallfry

Squeaking Squawking Smallfry

A delightful review by  Jacqueline Ruiz of Readers’ Favorite saw her truly ‘get’ my message about the joys of antiquated words.

In her review – here – she wrote some wonderful words of her own, describing mine. Welcome statements like –

Her poems are quirky and fun to read and, I must say, highly relevant to the meanings of the “extinct” words’, and –

If I had to choose my favorite poem from this book, I would have to say “The Great Gadzooks.” I am familiar with the words gadzooks and kerfuffle but in this poem, Larsen gives them a lovelier meaning’, and –

This is a great way to remember these words and a delightful resource for introducing children to these long-lost words as well.’

The Gang and I are delighted  to find someone else savouring these tasty morsels of vocabulary.

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