Small Folk Rhymes – Starring

… some of the most delightful characters you could wish to meet, like –

Farm animals:

Cows and bees, cats and mice, hens and ducks, dogs and foxes,goats and geese, horses and rabbits,pigs and frogs and sheep – all farm friends in the ‘I’m Your Friend’ rhyme.

Colourful animals of all kinds:

… all posing the question – ‘What Would You Do, if I gave you a… ?’


Some quirky suggestions for processing and eating carrots… even singing about them?


… in your garden? I beg your pardon?

Guppy Puppies:

Ahh… puppy dog breath and other delightful snippets about puppies, especially blue-eyed beauties that just sort of happen in your life.

A Lonesome Shoe?:

What on earth to do?

Enchanting Echidnas:

A whimsical view of one of Australia’s most beloved but prickly characters.


Strangely wondrous dreams that seem SO real. Dream along with our beloved grand-daughter.

Come and enjoy reading all about them.

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