Small Folk Rhymes… Important Quotes from –

the Author (namely me, Christine) – now who else, this time but the creator, the rhymster (?) – NOT brave enough to call myself a poet. (poets everywhere breathe a loud sigh of relief!)

There is one rhyme about one of our most beloved Aussies, called –


“Why DID the Echidna cross the road?

To check out the tourist ants’ motel, of course.”

Why did the echidna cross the road

Another, about that single shoe we constantly find (and we won’t even mention the odd sock collection, will we?), is called –


“But nothing I find can nearly compare,

To finding the shoe to make two a pair.

Once just a half, at last now a whole,

I’ve finally regained – the soul of my sole!”

single character shoe

These are a couple of favourites – maybe enough to intrigue you to buy a book of your own?

This first taste of the series, ‘Small Folk Tales’ is now reduced to only $0.99c to give you a chance to sample what is yet to come.

Aww c’mon… help me realise my passion to create an army of  small, besotted bookworms.

Together we can do it… and I hope with all my heart you cuddle your small treasures most firmly and lovingly as you read my books together?

… and where do you get it?  Still at Amazon

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