Small Folk Rhymes Part 2

It’s true and it’s published on Amazon and it looks like this –

Small Folk Rhymes Pt.2

Yes, it is a repeat of the cover of the original ‘Small Folk Rhymes’, but with variations, and one marked difference that you get just a hint of on the front cover – FUN + ACTIVITIES.

Here are all the beloved characters from my first e-book for children – ‘ The Lonesome Shoe’, and ‘A Carrot Tale’, and ‘Echidnas… ‘ – all of them are back to entertain you and yours in new and humorous ways.  Gently educating whilst tickling the funny bone of all readers (tall and small), and encouraging participation and most importantly, sharing!

Oh yes… this is definitely a book for sharing. A lap is still a lap, dear caregivers… two loving arms can still encircle a small treasure as you share the delights of reading together – even via an e-book reader, or your computer. Just please don’t let them become electronic babysitters. Just please do remember how much you loved to be read to when you were small (maybe still now when you’re tall?)

My aim is for last century and its traditions of entertainment to become hopelessly entangled with today’s electronics until a wonderfully rich and bountiful marriage is achieved.

What’s that? You doubt my words… maybe think I’m too old to understand this micro-chip driven world? Aha! I have news for you. Recently I walked into my local hairdressing salon to find one of the owners (a granny) sitting with her arm around a little pre-schooler who was waiting for her Mum, having a lengthy hair colouring job. The small girl was teaching the Granny the intricacies and delights of her iPad and a wonderful ‘cooking a cake’ video (or game, whatever). I joined in too, as yet another Granny enthralled by the possibilities, and we all shared and laughed and wondered and learned. We compared reality with the interactive ‘cartoon-like’ images and all had the best time.

You see? It was, as ever, a warm and loving, caring and sharing experience for all.

THIS is what I dream of when I write my e-books.

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