Meanwhile in Knitty Gritty Land…

Scrubbed up Kids.600

First our Mum swirled us around in soapy water and tried to tell us to close our eyes and imagine it was a Spa Bath. Then she whizzed us around at a furious pace in her spin-dryer, and tried to tell us to close our eyes and imagine we were on a Centrifuge Ride at the Royal Show.  Next she arranged us all in her wash-basket and put us in the shade until later afternoon (so we wouldn’t get sunburned), and told us to imagine we were on a beach in Bali. Well… with our luck we’d probably get Bali Belly or similar. And finally, we’re all sitting on her bookshelf because that’s next to her and Dad’s office, so she can fetch each one of us in to the Computer – to inspire her, she says.

Actually, it’s not all bad. She has a great collection of books we can pass the time with. Not her Kindle. No… she keeps that on her bedside cupboard with her specs and head lamp for late-night or wee small hours reading in bed. Shh… don’t tell her, but she looks a real doozy in that lot. We know because we’re usually on the top shelf of a stand alongside her bed.

So what is all this sprucing up about, anyway? Mum says she’s writing another children’s eBook, and this one is going to be Part Two of ‘Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales’, and she’s going to give it the same treatment as Part Two of ‘Small Folk Rhymes’ – featuring lots of play and laughs and activities for small kids who are just learning about Life. Have you seen that first one yet? It’s actually a lot of fun. The whole idea sounds good to us, but then we love any excuse to be in the limelight. Most modestly we say – “You may already have noticed the STAR quality about us?” Each of us are getting a glimpse of our role in the scheme of things as we sit near her at her computer. It’s a nice place to be and we feel most loved and special as she scrutinises us closely with that creative gleam in her eye.

It’s quite a few weeks off until she finishes creating it, and then a few more weeks probably before she will believe it’s ready enough to self-publish. And she makes her own covers also, so there’s quite a bit to do. Lucky wse provide the inspiration. Then she can just add a bit of the old concentration and perspiration to the mix… and voila! another small masterpiece will emerge. (Well, that’s our opinion!)

We’ll let you know when she’s getting closer. May even give you a sneak preview!

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