Free, zilch, zero!

At last it’s free again – today Wednesday 19th through Thursday 20th.

‘Small Folk Rhymes Part Two’

Small Folk Rhymes Pt.2

It’s focus is on fun – with jokes and riddles and quite a bit of subtle educational activities hidden behind the opportunities for laughter and enjoyment. This eBook could create some wonderful sharing moments between parent and child. I dream of such an outcome.

Maybe last week’s freebie eBook was too obviously my first self-publishing venture.

(It was ‘Small Folk Rhymes‘ – now back to it’s regular price of $2.99)

Maybe it should be updated, remodelled, reinvented. Maybe. But I don’t think so. I like to see that I’m progressing, learning all the time, travelling nicely along my writing journey.

Seems to me it’s kind of like when I lost the diamond from my engagement ring and the jeweller most seriously questioned my stern instructions to absolutely not ‘change a single thing’ when he replaced the diamond, except to strengthen those claws holding it in place. What can I tell you? The ‘old grey hair’ mare ‘ain’t what she used to be’ any more than that ring that’s been sitting on my finger for more than 50 years. No plans to remodel me, or any part of me and mine. And so it follows with my children’s eBooks.

I have no idea if this ‘freebie’ type promotion works for unknowns like me. One can only try. (I keep saying I’m like a tadpole in the Blue Lake at this game called writing!)

Please feel free to help yourself to a copy. Even if you have had no prior experience with Amazon, and don’t own an ebook reader like a Kindle, Nook or Kobo, there are no problems. Simply visit Amazon, open a free account, follow their instructions to download a free app to enable reading free or paid books, plus study and access the huge array of every imaginable type of goods, and you’re ready to download anything you choose.

And then, I would so love a review right there on my Amazon sales page. Whether good, bad or ugly, I’m pleased to know what readers feel about my words. How else can I improve?

If you want to see the full list of my children’s eBooks published so far, take a peek at my Amazon Author page. What a happy place for me.


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