Brothers re-united at last… believed to be twins!

It’s true. Just look at the photos below. On the left, my Simon Scarecrow, of ‘Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales’ fame, and to the right, his long-lost twin, being read to by author Carol Ann Martin.


Henhugs & Ticklefeathers.Carol Ann Martin

Simon’s twin brother, obviously an avid reader in the making… presently just a great listener.

Simon Scarecrow

Simon Scarecrow


It was just one of those Destiny moments. I was idly checking the LinkedIn groups I belong to, focusing on the Australian and NZ Authors group and found that Carol Ann Martin was announcing a new Facebook page she has recently created. The name captured my imagination and I just had to go and check it out. Look what I found –


With a name like that, who could resist? But then my attention was riveted on the listener in the author’s profile photo (pictured above). I rubbed my eyes, held my breath, looked away, looked back – and there he still was – Simon’s twin brother! I was astounded. And when I showed Simon, I can tell you, it nearly knocked the stuffing out of the poor boy- such was his shock.

When he recovered his equilibrium, he pleaded and postured, and finally even threatened ‘go slow’ action if I did not post his story to the site. After that, he refused to make another sound… not even a whimper. Well… ‘go slow’ AND the silent treatment, all proved too much for me to take. What can I tell you? I’m his mother – putty in his hands it seems. As a result, will you just look at the smile on Simon’s face? And his brother looks suitably impressed, too. Don’t know his name yet, but all will come clear.

At this moment, the follow-up has been Carol writing some kind words on her page about Simon and I (and the rest of the Knitty Gritty Kids, too), and getting the right photo in place for me. Wonder if this means her and I are now related? Sounds good to me.


3 thoughts on “Brothers re-united at last… believed to be twins!

  1. Oh, Simon must be on pins & needles waiting to learn the name of his (possible) twin brother. Can’t wait to know myself. 🙂

    • Hallo Pat,
      How lovely to see you here. Here’s a copy of a post on my FB page –
      Just discovered the long-lost brother’s name – he’s named after a most famous character – Worzel Gummidge. You maybe don’t know him? He’s a most clever walking, talking scarecrow. Look –
      Now you can relax and go enjoy Christmas preparations!
      Love, C.

      • What fun. Thanks for letting me know, Christine. No, I’ve never heard of Worzel Gummidge, but he sounds like an absolutely fascinating scarecrow. Those books and TV stories must never have made it across the ‘pond’ to America, at least to my knowledge. So nice to learn about him. What does Simon think of him? (BTW, looking at the date & time you posted your comment, I see it is tomorrow morning in your little corner of the world while it is dinnertime Sunday the 7th here. 🙂

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