Newest kids on the block!

The first ‘new kid’ is actually the self-publishing site itself called Tablo Publishing.

I learned about it on The Drum at ABC Business News – sounded interesting, so I’m giving it a go.

So the next ‘new kid on the block’ is my latest small children’s book –

When Sampson met Delilah

and the cover looks like this  –

Front current

Burning questions are posed… and answered –

Can Delilah capture the heart of the partner of her dreams?

Will Sampson ever be able to trust fully again?

Can smalls and talls treat these aliens kindly?

What more will Sampson learn on this fateful day?

These and other poignant but pressing questions are all answered when Sampson meets Delilah.

Enjoy a read on Tablo for FREE! Or buy a copy at its Amazon sales page

Please feel free to leave me a review on any page you choose.

Thank you,

PS: After a visit to my Amazon sales page I felt disappointed to see it wasn’t long enough for my readers’ ‘Look Inside’ to get anything of the story. Hmm…

So I’m thinking about a Part Two or continuation of the story, and a few ideas started buzzing around my grey matter. Have any opinions/suggestions? I’m open to ideas, and thank you most sincerely if you are giving the question some thought.             C.

5 thoughts on “Newest kids on the block!

  1. Congratulations! I’ll pass the link on to people I know who have small children. Having that first book published is a wonderful feeling. Savour it and don’t be afraid to crack open the champagne!

  2. How wonderful! I don’t have children myself but I sent a link to your site to my nieces who both have children the perfect age for your books. 🙂

    • … and how about the handsome Sampson, Pat? Setting small hearts a-flutter, methinks. (The feathered version of George Clooney, maybe?)
      Happiest Christmas to you and yours Pat, and hope 2015 is the best year yet for us all.

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