A little more ‘When Sampson met Delilah’

and the cover looks like this  –

Front current

Burning questions are posed… and answered –

Can Delilah capture the heart of the partner of her dreams?

Will Sampson ever be able to trust fully again?

Can smalls and talls treat these aliens kindly?

What more will Sampson learn on this fateful day?

These and other poignant but pressing questions are all answered when Sampson meets Delilah.

*** Ohh… after a visit to my Amazon sales page I felt disappointed to see it wasn’t long enough for my readers’ ‘Look Inside’ to truly look inside the story. Hmm…

First I thought to give you the beginning of the story here for free. It starts like this –

 “Oh no! No! Stop it! That one nearly hit me.” Delilah tried her best to duck the attack of sticks and stones, turning and weaving every which way to avoid them. But finally, a stone scored a direct hit, and it hurt. She was unable to fly, but her stubby legs and broad webbed feet powered her quickly through the water. As far away as I can from those dreadful smalls, she thought. And I imagined they were going to feed me.
Delilah wuk-wuked sadly to herself remembering that day—and her fear and pain. A whole year ago, but she hadn’t been able to forget her shock and outrage. She couldn’t fly for over a week, and it was SO hard being content with the briefest of paddles. Her pain had worsened when they had laughed cruelly at her. Laughed! With their weird “haw, haw, haw” noise. She couldn’t help a loud and resentful “WUK, WUK” at the thought of them!
Today when she first saw the new humans in the third shack on the waterfront, she’d had a panicky moment or two. “Great Duck of All Waters,” she’d prayed. “Don’t let it be them come back again. Please… not again.” And her prayer was answered. They were all brand new humans this time. All of them friendly and kind—the talls as well as the smalls. She wucked happily to herself. They seemed quite duckish, actually.
Delilah Duck was delighted. She visited Cooringie Lake each season, timing her arrival for the ‘Man’ time of year. How clever they are to know the best times here, she thought. I wonder what they love best? Bug breakfasts, snail snacks, fly feasts? Maybe mosquito munch-outs most of all?
Delilah didn’t care about other ducks calling her ‘dizzy’ and sniggering in their beaks behind her back because she trusted humans. I don’t give a worm what they think! If they’re too bird-brained to understand that these humans love feeding ducks all kinds of tempting treats… well that’s just their muddy luck! Delilah paddled around and around in tight, cross little circles.

Then I began thinking about writing another chapter as a continuation of the story, and the ideas started buzzing around my grey matter. And of course, the second chapter suggested a couple more. I’ve begun with a chapter I’m thinking I’ll call ‘After Sampson met Delilah‘, and more tongue-in-cheek titles keep popping up in my mind as I see the potential for their family life experience to produce more learning curves… and not only for the ducks!

Thinking the last chapter will be ‘Home Sweet Home‘, and I have just the exact right spot for the family to settle – a lake that will quite amazingly mimic our own nearby man-made lake. Once upon a time it was a quarry for rubble for roadworks, and then a spring bubbled up, and some enterprising and caring individuals decided it should be developed into a bird sanctuary. Strictly forbidden are dogs, smokers, alcohol, feeding of birds (even coming near the birds). And there is an island or two in the middle of the lake to keep the waterbirds safe. Their numbers are building at a most satisfying rate–it’s obvious the word is spreading amongst our feathered friends of this safe haven, where the only shooting is by cameras… lots and lots of those. Look –

Bird sanctuary at Lake McIntyre, Millicent

Was there ever a ‘Sweeter Home’ than a bird sanctuary?


As soon as possible, the new, improved and much enlarged ‘Sampson and Delilah’ stories will be for sale. When that happens, I hope you will leave me a  review.

Thank you,



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