… and then there was Molly

Congratulations are in order!

We’ve had a new addition to our family.Look –

Welcome to our family, Molly

Welcome to our family, Molly

She’s a beautiful little girl we’ve called Molly, and you can see how happy the rest of the Knitty Gritty kids are. Will you look at those cheerful smiles? Even Sally and Sammy, the disabled kids in the back row are smiling. Despite not being able to see her, they can feel the love pouring out of every stitch of the others.

Molly has come from overseas to join all these wonderful little kinfolk she had no idea she belonged to. It all followed on from the discovery, some weeks ago, that Simon Scarecrow (the one in the back row, on the far left with the straggly ‘straw-ish’ hair) – yes, Simon – had a lost twin brother in Tasmania. His Mum has a wonderful site called Henhugs and Ticklefeathers and there I found THE photo that clearly showed Simon’s lost twin brother.

Well that Mum, Carol Ann Martin, and I were just blown away to know they were as near as the Internet, despite our family being ‘across the ditch, on the BIG island’. (It’s true… that’s how Tasmanian people refer to mainland Australia. It’s pretty cute, really.) So of course, we exchanged photos and comments and learned a little more about each other’s lives, as proud mothers everywhere tend to do.

And then, Ann (that’s what she asked me to call her, just like all her friends do… isn’t that lovely?) happened to be at a CWA sale and saw our little honey, and straight away thought of me and mine. Ann promptly took Molly home with her and sent her to me with that little note pinned on her, asking if she could come and live at our place. You can clearly see OUR answer!

We love her SO much, and while I was taking photos of her like the one above to send to her ‘foster’ Mum, I was inspired to write about her. Not just here on a post, but I’ve started a story about her. Think it will have a similar format to Ted Bear’s photo album eBook, with a longer storyline.

It’s so much fun matching words to photos, and then photo shoots inspired by words… I could almost feel guilty about having to do this kind of work… almost!

ALL the kids are excited now… and Ted Bear is spending time with Molly, filling in the family history, and giving her a sneak preview of the kinds of things I may write about her – including how we chose her name. He knows me all too well, I fear. Here he is in action with a couple of his basically unbearable mates – Greengrass and Postie Bear –

Family history lesson, Ted and Molly, Greengrass and Postie Bear

Family history lesson, Ted and Molly, Greengrass and Postie Bear

Having fun – wish you were here!

28 thoughts on “… and then there was Molly

    • Love ‘clan’ – so Scottish (like my heritage), but just decided ‘kinfolk’ (thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder) is exactly what we are – ‘… akin to us in thought and belief, in aspirations and ideas… ‘ and ‘… such homey-sounding words – and strong, too, and sweet.’ Hmm.. sounds like us.

    • Andleeb, I keep telling everyone, my gorgeous Knitty Gritty kids tell me the stories, straight through my heart into my head, into my fingers and finally onto my computer. I’m their scribe as well as their Mum. And yes, Ann is a special friend.

    • This is the family of all our best imaginings Donna. No demands, except for me to listen with my heart and cuddle them whenever, and ‘star’ them in photo shoots from time to time, exceptionally cheap to run – and I ALWAYS know where they are! Owzat?

    • I love the word keiki (and just checked how to pronounce it – sounds like we would say ‘cakey’). Now that’s cute… they are sweet as little cupcakes, each and every one of them!

    • Yes they are Pamela. They actually write their own stories… I’m just the vehicle with the pencil, paper and then computer. (Well that’s what they would want me to say, anyway!)

    • Molly is from Tasmania Ken. We’ve holidayed there a couple of times and it’s true, cheeks DO get rosy there… kissed by the cold wind and blushed from the sun. What a gorgeous place Tassie is!

  1. Isn’t it always so GOOD to hear of someone in need of some love being welcomed into the hearts and hugs of a big family? We can be sure that Molly is going to be very, very happy and we look forward to hearing her story 🙂

    • It’s going to be a delightful, quite ‘fantastical’ romp. I chuckle along with every word so far. Those dear little faces are the most loving inspiration you can imagine. Good to read the smile in your words.

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