When Sampson met Delilah

NOT the biblical couple, but sharing much with those characters – like Sampson is strong and handsome (and shh… don’t tell anyone – easily led by a beautiful wench). In my scenario, Delilah is once again a skilful temptress – but her motives are pure and sweet in my creation.

Apart from wanting to win Sampson’s heart, Delilah needs to woo back and win his trust and faith in human-kind – no easy task. It’s no real chore for Delilah, as she proves her trust is justified by swimming Sampson right into the lion’s den… (or the human’s lakeside home, anyway).

Even Delilah finds more than her dearest dreams could have imagined coming true as we all learn what happens AFTER Sampson met Delilah.


Here it is – publication of my ‘When Sampson met Delilah’ in both eBook and Paperback form – just click on the picture of the front cover above.

Published through Tablo Publishing and right now becoming available through bookshops worldwide. You’ll have to ask for it, and your bookstore will have to search their listings, because I am after all, a most tiny fish in an incredibly large sea – swimmiong as fast as I can, but… the competition is overwhelming!

If they can’t find it today, then tomorrow (or next week) is just around Life’s next corner.

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