Ohh Dear… Still Awake?

Christine speaking again, because this is the only time I can get a word in edgewise with ‘HE Who Rules the Roost’.

Please sshhh now… because Ted Bear Esq. is sleeping. Don’t be fooled by the eyes wide open – that’s the way he rests… truly!

But his slow and steady breathing are the give-away. That, and the gentlest of snores… but don’t tell him that.

Because I know him so well after all these years we’ve shared, I can hazard the best guess about what he’s dreaming of. It’s his adopted family – the Small Knitty Gritty Kids. He’s feeling quite disturbed because they are restless… and upset… and pouting quite a bit.

They want a bit of that stardust/stardom treatment, just like Ted. And so they take over his dreams… and I think I feel another book coming on – the one about the –


Watch out. I think they’re coming soon.

But definitely it’s Good Night from him and it’s Good Night from me… for now.


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