About Me

I am Christine Larsen –  a wife, mother, grandmother, and writer.

I have been – a Secretary, a Lifeline telephone counsellor, a Community Careworker, a TAFE tutor – and a farmer throughout each of these.

Today I am a born-again writer after countless rejections of my children’s stories over three decades ago. In those financially stretched years, I was too busy raising kids, milking cows and farming, to continue to believe in myself as a wordsmith. I tucked my works away on a back shelf to gather much dust.

A series of unexpected events coincided with my ’empty nest’ syndrome and I embraced a variety of crafting pursuits – and another ‘go’ at writing. Success came with recognition by Squidoo and Ezine Articles that my words were not only acceptable, but also worthy of praise and awards.

Armed with my newly re-developing positive feelings about my potential, I embarked upon the e-book self-publishing learning curve with Amazon’s Kindle.

The wonderful and unimagined results are celebrated here, on this site devoted entirely to my children’s books – at present and in the future. I passionately believe in the power of words to teach small minds to never ever stop enquiring, and reading to learn about anything and everything in this vast and beautiful world of ours. When this basic principle is fully embraced, I believe a greater degree of understanding, appreciation, tolerance and acceptance will be born and grow within each small heart.

All I ask of the ‘Talls’ who have the opportunity and responsibility to introduce their precious small folk to the wonderful world of words, is to please make the time to share and read together. Show your little person the joys to be experienced when you enter fully into the world of books.

The most amazing quality time is waiting for you to share – if you will put your heart and soul into the reading, as I have with the writing.

Word Pictures.IMG_0545Gran and Grandpa got it right with the disabled kids, Sammy and Sally

Home is where the Heart is

… and my heart has found its home in my passion for

sharing my love of words, of books, of reading.

I'd Love to Hear Your Opinion

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