The Gross Gang… in their finery.

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I tweaked and I twisted, I plucked and pulled. adapted and adjusted, I revised and reworked. In other words, I put their ‘going out faces’ on!  And added a few other embellishments – lightened up here, darkened a bit there … Continue reading

News Flash of this Day!

Another book has joined my list of children’s e-books on Amazon, this morning.

It will probably take a week or so before it’s up there on my Amazon Author page, but it could have its own sales page within days. THEN I’ll make the big announcement (well… it’s BIG to me – and that’s the main thing).

This wonderful celebration of old-fashioned words that are rarely seen these days, let alone used, is designed to stretch small minds and their tongues too, as they vocally play with the unknown and often quite bizarre. It can be a marvellous learning curve in an individually ‘fun’ way. Continue reading

Small Folk Rhymes – How about a small excerpt for free?

There are actually a lot of things in this Life that are free – and here is one of them –

just a few ‘teasers’ from the first book in my children’s e-book series, ‘Small Folk Tales’


C' my friend Continue reading

The Knitty Gritty Gang Gallery

Front Covers get Facelift!

Our Mum Christine has created new front covers for each of the books in the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series, and we think they’re rather gorgeous, much like us.  This is just a small sneak preview of all of them and Mum says she is going to add each one in full living colour and large size to each of the books listed under the Books heading above. Mum says this may take her just a little bit of fussing about and tweaking and the like. That’s OK, they are well worth waiting for.

Look… what do you think?

Small Folk Rhymes cover 2.150x200Small KG cover 2.150x200Ted Bear cover 2.150x200Almost.. Cover 2 150x200The Grandest... cover 2.150x200Tall Tales... cover 2.150x200

Each image is clickable and will take you right to the special page for each book. Our Mum tries to think of everything!

Ted Bear’s gallery

Just an ordinary day in his writing life

Admiring himself on one of his book covers. Ego ++ !

Admiring myself on one of mybook covers.
“Ego ++ !” Mum says.

Checking out what Mum's reading, while she's not looking!

Checking out what Mum’s reading, while she’s not looking!

There’s a Blaze of Glory…

and then there’s a Daze of Happiness!


A few days ago I submitted the fifth e-book in my ‘Small Folk Tales’ series to a book promotional site called ‘askDavid’, and today I have received an email telling me it is being actively promoted already. Continue reading

Is this a Bear Market?

I perfectly realise that Australia is not what is generally considered to be ‘Bear’ territory (although I hear we do have Bear Markets on the Stock Exchange… hmm-m-m).  Of course, there is our national hero and much beloved Koala Bear.  He has received many accolades and highly emotive and in-depth media coverage… not all positive.  We are reminded here of a certain politician (or ‘pollie’ in ‘Strine’ – Australian), who met with a damp reception whilst cuddling a Koala for the cameras (shouldn’t have clutched him so tightly, I say).

I'm unbearably slow at this bit... think I'll let Mum type, and I'll tell.

I’m unbearably slow at this bit… think I’ll let Mum type, and I’ll tell.

Ahh-h-h no…  I refer to the Teddy Bear – who occupies a large part of the hearts of the peoples of our World.  Just read this excerpt from the precious book ‘Teddy Bears – A Celebration in Words and Paintings’ selected by Helen Exley –

‘The speed with which the world’s children took to the Teddy Bear was nothing short of amazing, and soon the little creatures were making friends all round the globe – and of all ages too…  Today, as the output worldwide shows no sign of decreasing, it is probably fair to say that the Teddy Bear’s appeal has outlived and outlasted all other mascot animals.            –  Philippa and Peter Waring, from ‘Teddy Bears’ Continue reading

The Kids are Revolting

It's the same old Knitty Gritty Kids from the cover of the first book - back as individuals this time.

It’s the same old Knitty Gritty Kids from the cover of the first book – back as individuals this time.

Once upon a time I wrote a Squidoo lens called the Soft Toy Shuffle, about the Knitty Gritty Kids who will appear individually in my next eBook, to be called ‘Small Knitty-Gritty Folk Tales’. This was in direct response to a Call to Action that my restless troops insisted on, and offering me nothing but the most revolting alternatives. Continue reading

The Knitty Gritties are coming soon

They are almost up and running… well-ll-ll, maybe running isn’t exactly their style.

Sitting around, contemplating their navels and indulging in much ‘moodling’ is really far more habitual for them.

The Knitty Gritty Kids are most of the ones featured on the front cover of my first book, Small Folk Rhymes – available on Amazon.  A notable exception is Ted Bear, sitting in the middle of the throng, entertaining them with stories of the past (he’s two years younger than me, so you can just imagine, his past is vast).  I’m thinking he deserves a book of his own – but that’s still an embryo in the ‘think tank’ so far.

Age before Beauty?
Age before Beauty?

There are two new/old characters in this collection of tales about each of the Knitty Gritty Kids – Gran and Grandpa.  Continue reading

First Baby Lemming Plunges Over Physical Cliff

. . . and reliable sources report the Lemming was pushed!

Ohh-hh-h cdcraftee, what have you done?

“Well-ll-ll,”  Christine was quoted as saying, “. . . actually, I’ve published my first Kindle eBook on Amazon.  It’s true.  This book is the first to go where none of my words have been before.   My poor baby Lemming . . .”

Christine was speechless, teary and sniffly at this moment, and quite unable to continue.  A commercial break was obviously required, so here’s the link to the sales site for her story called –

Small Folk Rhymes

and here’s the photo on the front cover –

Continue reading