Ohh Blogger!

**PLEASE be patient. This whole site is under re-construction and you may get a few ‘dead-ends’ and/or strange connecting pathways as I work away in the background.

For now, I’ll start with the most recent story first, although I’m only about to begin adding the full story here, and still making decisions about the next two – so no links for them yet.

Bizarre wee Beasties

This time, I’m planning to post the full story here. I’ll warn you – it is BIG – about 30,000 words! And going to be about 20+ chapters! The good news is that each chapter is a ‘stand-alone’, being read to a small boy as a bedtime story each night.

The  Great Rock Pool Rescue

A FIRST PRIZE WINNER! What a thrill. SO proud. I knew I loved it, but it’s SO gratifying to find some judges felt the same way! A cute story about the power of ‘togetherness’, overcoming a problem as a team when the ‘power of one’ just isn’t enough.

The Curse of the Deep Green Blues

Hmm… what to do with this one? It was a second prize winner. Here’s the whole short story of a boy and his… dragon?

The short and the TALL of it All

A third prize winner. Sweet times between a grand-daughter and her Grandpa.

The Tale Bearer

More Ted Bear Esq.  Will this bear NEVER retire? (Probably not—he has about as much to say as I have to write… and that’s a lot!)

When Sampson met Delilah

When ducks go a-dabbling, who knows where it will all end? Perhaps, like their namesakes from long ago, they will make a new kind of history – as the ducks who paired up for life.

Tall Tales from the small Folk Clan

The Gross Gang

Unusual and often unknown words from many years ago, transformed by wacky verse.

Small Folk Tales series

They rhyme and sing and riddle, they joke and play knock-knocks, they love messing around with colours and sounds and numbers. What will these Small Folk get up to next? 

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