Almost Unbearable Tales



Was OK…
but this is
unbearably good

Almost.. Cover 2

This fourth book in my ‘Small Folk Tales’ series –

has received a 5 * review  by Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite – my latest promotional site.

Amongst Bil’s kind words  are these –

‘… the special gift that this writer has for creating a short, simple, and profound story.’

‘… has a regular habit of reaching out and grabbing the heart of the reader’s imagination … ‘

‘This is a creative work of art from Down Under that is certain to be a classic.’

 HERE  is the full review

Book 4: ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

As suspected, I was never going to get away with one book about my old mate, Ted Bear.

He pouted, threatened to ‘go slow’ (at what I’m not sure!), warned of a temporary shut-down of ‘cuddleability’ and ‘shoulder to cry on’ facilities, and suggested his tears could be imminent (yes, even from his glassy eyes!).

I guess, if I didn’t love Ted so much, and enjoy taking photos of him and his other best mates and writing their stories, then I could have refused, or ignored him.  I’m sure Attila the Hun, and that other Hun called Hitler would have had no trouble saying “No”, I’m made of different genetic stuff – thank goodness.  Here is the resulting joyous romp with my old mate.



Book Four of the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

is available for just $1.99 from Amazon

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Reviews so far have included a 5* rating and comments like –

A delightful little tale from Ted”, and

I’ve taken a leaf out of Ted’s book … that it’s OK to let your stuffing show .. now and then. “

All the kids and I would be SO thrilled and grateful to hear your opinions.

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