Small Folk Rhymes



Old Front Cover…
not too bad,
but look at this

Small Folk Rhymes Cover 2.1000

This first book in my ‘Small Folk Tales’ series –

has received a 5 * review  by Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite – my latest promotional site.

Amongst Bil’s kind words  are these –

‘… a very creative set of rhymes that help draw out a child’s imagination. The graphic work is simple and effective and the rhymes are easily understood.’

Christine has an awesome talent for making things sound ridiculous yet funny and simple yet profound.’

‘Anyone serious about encouraging children to read, should have a bookshelf full of her books.’

HERE  is the complete review.

Book 1: ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

Here is a collection of rhymes to delight the heart and tickle the funny bone of the small person being read to – and likewise for the ‘out loud’ reader – as they see the pictures that accompany the rhymes.

With names like –

  Guppy Puppies,

A Carrot Taleand

Echidnas are not Kidding

you had better believe you will find humor and entertainment awaits you.  I am not a poet, but these small rhymes were a delight to create.


Book One of the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

is available for $2.99  from Amazon

Why not visit and have a peek inside my book?

– and maybe feel the need to buy a copy and leave me a review?

Reviews so far have included comments like –

“Can’t wait to read it to my grandkids, and

“I am very impressed with this first offering from Christine Larsen.

The prose is delightful and fun, and the pictures are darling, and

“This is a great book to share with your young child” 

All the kids and I would be SO thrilled and grateful to hear your opinions, as well.


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