Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales


Not too shabby,
but look now

Small KG cover 2

Book 2: ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

Now here are the tales from the heart and soul of those most closely affected by that well-known ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ type mentality.

True stories from the mouths of babes – unwanted, unloved anymore; dumped on the trash-heap of life; all hope gone; rejected and dejected, UNTIL – wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles – a Rescuer entered this Black Hole, and shone a light, and Hope was reborn.

You would be hard-hearted indeed if you were not profoundly moved by their individual stories, and uplifted on their behalf to hear of their new life in a new world, surrounded by others who totally empathise with the horrors and deprivation they have known.

These stories offer a different way of thinking about the love and care and treasuring of important parts of our lives… and an awareness of what is lost when we neglect these basic human attributes.


Book Two of the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

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