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Book 6: ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

Welcome to the last but by no means the least of my e-books in this series. Tall or small… it really doesn’t matter because the Talls can read to the smalls who can’t read by themselves yet. And sometimes smalls love to have a bedtime story even when they can read. And sometimes the smalls who can read need to have a little quiet time to themselves to read, to imagine, to dream – even to nod off to sleep. No matter which one of these you are, you will enjoy this last book in my ‘Small Folk Tales’ series.

This series has given me SO much pleasure in its creation. In this last book in the series,

Tall Tales from the Small Folk Clan


I have used this cheerful bunch of kids as the divider between stories and rhymes. I love them. They seem to epitomise friendship, sharing, being happy, teamwork and every other positive feeling we would wish our kids to discover, nurture and grow.

Once again, as in the first book in this series, Small Folk Rhymes, here is another small collection of  rhymes and this time with a few stories, as well – not a picture book in the traditional sense, but  photos and clipart pics dotted here and there to enhance my words and add to the pleasure.

Cute story names include –

‘Come Clean Fergus’ and

‘Missy the Feline Feastress’,

and rhymes –

‘Jesse the Rocker’

and the quiet and thoughtful ‘Listeners’.

Hopefully, I have written something for everyone – whether Tall or small, whether reader or listener.


Book Six of the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

is available for just $1.99 from Amazon

Why not visit Amazon.com and have a peek inside my book?

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My respected reviewer of several of my books, Mamta Madhavan from  Readers’ Favorite has just written a 5* review of this, the last in my ‘Small Folk Tales’ series of e-books for children. She writes wondrous words of praise like –

The stories and rhymes, along with the illustrations, are absolutely delightful and endearing.’


Apart from being a story book, this publication has educational themes. The children learn something from each story.’

Maybe you wish to read the complete review? Check it out here.


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