Ted Bear Esq.


Looking good…
but this is better

Ted Bear cover 2

Book 3: ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

How have I loved thee Ted?  Let me count the ways.

Well-ll-ll, for starters, we have shared well over six decades of Life together – and stayed best friends through thick and thin (and there’s a bit more of the thick around some waistlines, and a bit more of the thin on top these days).

Due to the never-ending efforts of hackers and the like, please don’t tell anyone else this, but Ted holds almost all of my secrets over all these years… we wouldn’t want that important factor to be widely known amongst the copycat community. Who knows what they could do with information like that!  And there’s the small matter of the heap of tears Ted contains, too.  In truth, they are probably fairly well balanced between happy, sad, frustrated, irritated, and whatever other kind of tears one can shed. But Ted has just taken these on the chin, or wherever they happened to land.  Ted Bears are designed for this – and a heap of cuddles, too.

This book is mainly dedicated to some of his favourite photos – and already he’s demanding more.  Cuddly, but pushy sometimes also, you know?  We shall see –  *snorts*  – as if he’ll give me a choice!

TED BEAR Esq. – his photo album –

Book Three of the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

is available for just $1.99 from Amazon

Why not visit Amazon.com and have a peek inside my book?

– and maybe feel the need to buy a copy and leave me a review?

Reviews so far have included comments like –

“… sharing it out loud with my own precious Harrington Bear, who was most entertained and impressed“, and

a really sweet book that made me smile“, and

My grandchildren love it, and so do my wife and I” 

AND  from Readers Favorite a 5* review and autobiography…

AND kind words that are sweet music to our ears, like –

“… deals with feelings such as love, joy, happiness, etc.”

“The pictorial journey is ideal to capture the attention of any child who is just getting into reading.”

“… a book every child must read. They are introduced to many characters, rhyming words, and new vocabulary, making it educational as well as fun.”

Ted and I  and ALL the kids would be SO thrilled and grateful to hear your opinions.


I'd Love to Hear Your Opinion

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