The Grandest Small Folk Tales


Once upon a time… and now!

The Grandest... cover 2

Book 5: ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

This children’s e-book is especially for  grandparents and their beloved grandchildren – a collaboration of works from our own grand-daughter and myself, over many shared years of adventures, both off and on the written page.

I cannot get the e-book version to turn out exactly like my trusty Microsoft Word program can deliver… yet! – but it’s a joy in the creation, nonetheless.  Maybe one day, I may get the grey matter around how to do it all in paperback, exactly as I envisage it… but don’t hold your breath – could be a lengthy process!

Enjoy a trip down memory lane, where we can all revisit our childhoods, no matter how far away they sometimes seem (… and appreciate the joys of reliving times seen through the eyes of a child, when decisions and responsibilities were all made by someone older and wiser – and Life was so much simpler).


Book Five of the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series

is available for just $1.99 from Amazon

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Reviews so far have included two 5* ratings and comments like –

An absolute delight for young and old.”, and

This is the “most funnest” book for grand/parents and kiddies to share. “

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