The Gross Gang… in their finery.

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I tweaked and I twisted, I plucked and pulled. adapted and adjusted, I revised and reworked. In other words, I put their ‘going out faces’ on!  And added a few other embellishments – lightened up here, darkened a bit there … Continue reading

The Gross Gang… in the raw

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Now don’t get too excited – nothing devious is happening here. In this case, ‘in the raw’ means before I began to ’tissy’ up their pics. These are the basic clip-art characters  from my own 27,500 Clip-art Images disk, that … Continue reading

The Knitty Gritty Gang Gallery

Ted Bear’s gallery

Just an ordinary day in his writing life

Admiring himself on one of his book covers. Ego ++ !

Admiring myself on one of mybook covers.
“Ego ++ !” Mum says.

Checking out what Mum's reading, while she's not looking!

Checking out what Mum’s reading, while she’s not looking!