All scrubbed up well and drying... ready for our next BIG thing!

All scrubbed up and taking a sunbath now…
to be ready for our next BIG thing!

You know how it is… a public speaker asks, “Any questions?”, and there may be a few. Too often it’s not until later you think of some great, incisive questions you could have/should have asked.

In anticipation of those ‘belated’ questions, I have created this FAQ list. Now you have plenty of time to think of any other elusive questions and can hit my Contact + Links button and ask. Go for it!

Q: What made you become a writer?

 A: In retrospect, I was always a ‘wannabe’ writer. Way before I went to school I loved words – reading and talking them, and then learning to write them. All of my school years saw one excellent result after another in my beloved subject of English. Even countless rejections of my creations resulting in a loss of courage for 30+ years, couldn’t stop me wanting to be a writer. Somehow I always knew my day would come… and now it has.

 Q: Which of your children’s books do you love the most?

 A: I am SO torn. There’s my Ted Bear’s ‘Almost Unbearable Tales’… as anyone who has read the book knows, ours has been a love affair of 67 69+ years. Despite the fact Ted has become quite puffed up with his own importance since he saw himself on the big screen, I can but love him still. My latest eBook, ‘Small Folk Rhymes Part 2 – Fun and Activities’ delivers all that the title indicates… a delightful romp concealing many small learning curves. I love its colour and humour. Which one do I love the most? You must be joking.

 Q: What inspired you to write the ‘Small Folk Tales’ series?

 A: A desire was born with the first book in the series and this now grows on a daily basis – to aid and abet small folk to take their first steps to becoming addicted readers. I will never stop believing in the power of words to change lives and help them reach their full potential.

 Q: Will there be more books in this series?

 A: I hadn’t planned to write more in this series, until I was inspired to add a ‘Part 2′ to some of my books… expanding the current characters’ charisma with a selection of activities focused on subtle learning disguised as pure fun.

 Q: Are you working on another particular one at the moment?

 A: Yes. The second of my eBooks in this series is ‘Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales’, and these deeply beloved kids lend themselves to the same ‘Part 2’ treatment, with many bright and colourful, happy and enjoyable experiences to be shared… and jokes, and once again that subtle learning curve. It’s almost embarrassing how much I enjoy creating these… almost!

 Q: Will we have to wait long for publication of this next ‘Part 2’?

 A: Hopefully not more than a month or two into 2014 (oops… Life got in the way and nearly tripped me over!) – let’s try 2015.

 Q: Have you written any eBooks that are not part of this series?

A: ‘The Gross Gang’ is a stand-alone that also defies absolute reader age-grouping. It would require either a competent and experienced reader or a committed adult prepared to assist explanation of the wondrous names of the characters. But please don’t be deterred – this is a seriously funny collection of rhymes celebrating old-time words. There are more stories in all stages of development that may yet see the light of day… if opportunity knocks on their closet door.

Q: Is it difficult to write your children’s books and your farming memoir at the same time?

A: YES! Sometimes almost impossible and I have to let one rest for some days, when inspiration strikes about the other. And NO! I have spent almost all of my life biting off more than I can chew, so I am well experienced in multi-tasking. In this instance, that would be the ‘grey matter’ department that has taken on this daunting task.


*** There will be more Q &A to come, but just now I need to return to my book writing. I’ll be back here as soon as I can.

In the meantime, if you have more questions, please click on my Contact + Links button above. If I can answer you, I most certainly will – privately or publicly, or both. Your choice.

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