They’re a 5* Gang now.

Squeaking Squawking Smallfry

Squeaking Squawking Smallfry

A delightful review by  Jacqueline Ruiz of Readers’ Favorite saw her truly ‘get’ my message about the joys of antiquated words.

In her review – here – she wrote some wonderful words of her own, describing mine. Welcome statements like –

Her poems are quirky and fun to read and, I must say, highly relevant to the meanings of the “extinct” words’, and –
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The Gross Gang… in their finery.

This gallery contains 11 photos.

I tweaked and I twisted, I plucked and pulled. adapted and adjusted, I revised and reworked. In other words, I put their ‘going out faces’ on!  And added a few other embellishments – lightened up here, darkened a bit there … Continue reading

News Flash of this Day!

Another book has joined my list of children’s e-books on Amazon, this morning.

It will probably take a week or so before it’s up there on my Amazon Author page, but it could have its own sales page within days. THEN I’ll make the big announcement (well… it’s BIG to me – and that’s the main thing).

This wonderful celebration of old-fashioned words that are rarely seen these days, let alone used, is designed to stretch small minds and their tongues too, as they vocally play with the unknown and often quite bizarre. It can be a marvellous learning curve in an individually ‘fun’ way. Continue reading