Bizarre wee Beasties: Chapter 2 – Introduction by Ted Bear Esq.

Ta-ta-ta, dee diddle dee da-a-a-a-a-a-a-a! (Pretend drum roll, because my arms are too short!)


It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce you to a most famous group – the like of which you’ll rarely see in such numbers and diversity.
You know about the Beatles, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?
And hurrhum – Einstein, Thomas the Tank Engine, Elvis Presley?
Not to mention Smokey and the Bandit, and Mantovani – ahh… the list could go on forever.

Few can compare to the trials, the tribulations, the rejections and desertion these helpless and hapless small children have endured among the heaps of unwanted and no longer loved little rejects of Life.

Here are their stories – direct from their private, hidden retreat in the country these days, their safe place to fall, a home they never wish to leave. For humane and educational purposes they agreed to only a few photos and for our Mum to write the precious tales they’ve shared.

PARDON? Did you say you wanted to learn some of their names? (sigh) OK! If you insist!
There’s about sixteen (or more) of these little critters, so I’ll only tell you a few – to whet your appetite. Check these out –
Gran and Grandpa, Bimbo and Clarence (the clowns), Simon Scarecrow, Harry the Painter, Bert the Chimney Sweep, and Sally and Sammy – the disabled kids.
Not a cast of thousands, but each has a story they’ve entrusted to our Mum, and I’m not alone in thinking they are each rather special. But what can I tell you? With a mentor and kind of Father figure like ME, how could they go wrong??

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN- (l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g pretend drum roll)


“Oh, oh, oh... it’s beginning.” Jonjon is all but jumping out of his PJs, he’s so excited. “The voices, Sarah. Will there be voices now? Will there?” Now his bounces are so enthusiastic I’m in danger of dropping the precious book.

I nod enthusiastically… nothing less will do. Still, I warn him, if I don’t get some quiet, I won’t be able to continue. Well, that fixes everything. He freezes – same as he does in his beloved ‘What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?’ game he plays with his pals.

And the voices I use now are most tricky. They have to be old as I can make them, but ‘stroft’. ‘Strong’ and ‘soft’ all at the same time. It’s a tough ask, but will impress Jonjon no matter how they come out. How lucky I saw that funny glinty shine in Ted Bear’s eyes when I opened the book to HIS page.

Could it be he’s given me some kind of magical powers… like Granny and I are the same, sort of? As though I know exactly how she felt when she wrote her precious words? That’s how it feels. STRANGE indeed… but kind of lovely and warm. I feel her smiling – truly I can.

I’m inspired to do the best job possible just for her (and it won’t be much of a chore doing this for Jonjon, either).

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Bizarre wee Beasties

 © 2019 Christine Larsen

This story began as an entry in a children’s story competition and when unsuccessful there, moved on to be accepted by another anthology of women writers. It is now part of an eBook with proceeds going to a specified charity, but copyright remains with me.

And so , here it is for you to enjoy – for free. Do hope you and yours share many happy hours learning about my Small Knitty Gritty Kids. Will you be tempted to learn more about them? They were so much fun to create, and each one of them have the most amazing tales.

I hope it won’t confuse you too much that these are being read as bedtime stories by the author’s grand-daughter to her small brother. I’m hoping they are divided clearly enough for your reading pleasure.

Please stay patient with the tweaking I will probably continue to do as I add more chapters. It’s one of the ‘norms’ of this authoring business… to keep finding things to change or improve!

Welcome to my small family’s world!

First??  The Small Knitty Gritty Kids (or how it all came about) (click here)


Ted is disgruntled. NOT a pretty picture. Almost unbearable. ALMOST…

He says I’ve been too focused on my other writings for too long. He says I’m in love with flash fiction and short stories and stand-alone chapters of longer books. He even goes so far as to mention the ‘B’ word – ‘besotted’! You know what? He’s right. It’s painfully true.

And have I neglected this site in the travelling of these other roads? I surely have. Do I feel bad? Well-ll, yes… and no.

No-one should EVER neglect Ted Bear Esq. Even his name suggests this is a bear of distinction, quality and class. A bear who will always hold a special corner in the hearts of all who know him.

I’ve just made his own ‘up close and personal’ page in the Rogues’ Gallery. He probably won’t think much of the ‘rogue’ label, but he WILL love all the pics of him…LOOK!

Of course, it wouldn’t be difficult to guess I was coerced into writing yet another story about him – “now that you’re getting better at it”, he had the nerve to say. Here is your free read on Wattpad [and you don’t even have to be a member – unless you would like to comment on any or all the chapters – Ted and I would love that!]. It’s called ‘The Talebearer’.

I had also promised him I would shine my spotlight on his best friends – the Small Knitty Gritty Kids. And I haven’t. Well, more like a powerful torch, actually – as I have written a large amount of words about these small souls. It’s just that none of it has been public as yet. And therein lies his angst.

So the salve to my conscience is…? Thanks to my ‘busyness’ creating so many other works AND spending a deal of time writing, editing, rewriting my sweet kiddies’ stories, I believe my writing has improved in leaps and bounds. I know I can now tell these better than ever. In another several years I’ll probably disagree with myself, but for now, think it’s best I get these public ASAP.

Here’s the plan. ‘Publish’ excerpts here, with links to the full stories on Wattpad for free reading. There is an opinion that this will make them unacceptable to most would-be publishers – others believe if they are taken down from these ‘freebie’ reading platforms before official publication, all will be hunky-dory. Either way, it’s OK with me. Self-publishing is the only way I plan to go, IF I ever publish ‘publicly’ at all, and I don’t plan to put any restrictions on myself.

So Ted’s neck hairs have laid down flat again and if I look carefully, I can see the glimmer of a smile at the edges of his mouth. If he had them, I’m sure he’d give me a ‘thumbs-up’, but I’ll settle for the twinkle in his eyes. Mothers instinctively know the subtle signs of their kids’ mood swings.

… and then there was Molly

Congratulations are in order!

We’ve had a new addition to our family.Look –

Welcome to our family, Molly

Welcome to our family, Molly

She’s a beautiful little girl we’ve called Molly, and you can see how happy the rest of the Knitty Gritty kids are. Will you look at those cheerful smiles? Even Sally and Sammy, the disabled kids in the back row are smiling. Despite not being able to see her, they can feel the love pouring out of every stitch of the others.

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But… said Ted.


“I thought you were getting ready to write more about me!” Ted Bear snorts.”I thought I scrubbed up pretty well in my other two stories.” He points to my Kindle reader. He’s quite taken with this new piece of technology, even though he’s in black and white on this one. Ted has seen himself in living colour on the ‘big’ screen of my computer and is most impressed with seeing his name and face ‘up there in lights’, so to speak. It was him who insisted on that photo in front of my computer, with one of his book covers featuring behind him. (That’s in his section of the Gallery). His ego can be unbearably inflated at times.

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Ted Bear’s gallery

Just an ordinary day in his writing life

Admiring himself on one of his book covers. Ego ++ !

Admiring myself on one of mybook covers.
“Ego ++ !” Mum says.

Checking out what Mum's reading, while she's not looking!

Checking out what Mum’s reading, while she’s not looking!

Is this a Bear Market?

I perfectly realise that Australia is not what is generally considered to be ‘Bear’ territory (although I hear we do have Bear Markets on the Stock Exchange… hmm-m-m).  Of course, there is our national hero and much beloved Koala Bear.  He has received many accolades and highly emotive and in-depth media coverage… not all positive.  We are reminded here of a certain politician (or ‘pollie’ in ‘Strine’ – Australian), who met with a damp reception whilst cuddling a Koala for the cameras (shouldn’t have clutched him so tightly, I say).

I'm unbearably slow at this bit... think I'll let Mum type, and I'll tell.

I’m unbearably slow at this bit… think I’ll let Mum type, and I’ll tell.

Ahh-h-h no…  I refer to the Teddy Bear – who occupies a large part of the hearts of the peoples of our World.  Just read this excerpt from the precious book ‘Teddy Bears – A Celebration in Words and Paintings’ selected by Helen Exley –

‘The speed with which the world’s children took to the Teddy Bear was nothing short of amazing, and soon the little creatures were making friends all round the globe – and of all ages too…  Today, as the output worldwide shows no sign of decreasing, it is probably fair to say that the Teddy Bear’s appeal has outlived and outlasted all other mascot animals.            –  Philippa and Peter Waring, from ‘Teddy Bears’ Continue reading