To my GREAT delight, here is a gathering of my winners, so far.

These are my ‘kiddy’ ones — most recent ones first (in the hope more will be added!)

**Just click on the pics to read the full stories**

Awarded 1st Place — WOW!!

Competition: Wattpad Childrens Fiction

Theme: Diversity

<1500 words  (must include at least 3 pictures)
Winners announced: 21 July 2020


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Awarded ***2nd place

Competition: Wattpad Childrens Fiction competitions

  Challenge 5: Story based on picture, <1500 words, suitable <10yo

(winners announced 31/5/2019)

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Awarded 3rd place

Competition — Wattpad Childrens Fiction

Challenge 4: Prompt: The Short Man on the Tall Mountain

<1500 words, suitable 4-10yo and adults,

Prompt paragraph—

Summer lies on the warm grass, her long braids keeping her wind hair out of her freckled face.
She traces the outlines of the shapes in the clouds with a chubby finger and one squinted eye.
“What are you doing out here punkin’?” Summer’s grandpa inquires as he shuffles through the yard.
“Watching the animals,” she replies simply, never taking her eyes off the sky.
“Animals?” Her grandpa asks.
“Yeah Pappy, the animals the short man on the tall mountain makes with his breath.”                 

Tell us the legend of The Short Man on the Tall Mountain

(a collaboration between Wattpad’s Childrensfiction and Adultfiction)  (winners announced 24/12/2018)

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